How to build a twitter retweet bot using JavaScript

I'm sharing the code of my tweeter bot called 'JavaScript bot' I forked the original source code from a certain github repository written in nodejs the bot retweets a giver hashTag at a specified time interval

You can use a twitter bot to promote an interest or a campaign unlike Facebook twitter is more tolerant on automated accounts

I used to build Facebook automated accounts which were posting user friendly comments on my Facebook friends posts with no success few months down the line Facebook suspended my account until then i decided to stop using Facebook at all

And twitter is just the right platform for this kind of thing.

For this bot to work you'll simply need an APIs key and a secret

Twitter doesn't need waiting the long verification process as of 2020 I created my developer account and almost instantaneously my account got approved.

The twitter hard limit on the number of retweets per day is 1000;

clone git repository using the command;

git clone

Or if you want simply download the source from github;

In the configuration file replace credentials with your api key and secret then run the application using the command;

node bot.js


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