Basic commands to open, zip and unzip archives

zip  is  a compression and file packaging utility for Linux, Unix OS, MAC and MS zip utility comes handy with another companion program called unzip, unzip is used to list, test and extract zip archives

Basic usage;

zip basic usage;

Zip command line program can be used to compress files as;

zip -{flags} {package} {item}

Example on how to zip a file using zip

You can zip and compress a file as;

zip filename.mp3

Zip will get the command to package filename.mp3 and store it in an archive named

How to compress a directory with zip

Directories can be archived using the -r flag

You can zip and compress a directory as;

zip -r directory

How to unzip files using unzip

unzip a companion program to zip is used to extract archives typed unzip followed by archive name to extract a package as;

unzip  {filename}

for example;



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