Es6 new features summarized round up

Escmascript es2017 or better known as es16 is the edition after the famously popular es15, In this edition there are only two new additional features the exponention operator and Array.prototype.includes() function

exponention operator

** Operator is a short hand method used for raising numbers to their power

Its syntax is similar to native operators such as '+' Addition and '-' (minus) for subtraction

Example usage
Initially to raise a number to the power you would need to use math library pow function as;

Math.pow({number}, {factor})

Since es2017 you can simplify the operation above down to simply as;

{number} ** {factor}

Example as;

5 ** 2
// Giving you 25


Array includes is a feature similar to a pre existing function array.indexof() as compared to array.indexof() array.includes() function notably returns a true  boolean on matched value, and false if value not matched

Examples on how to use 'array.includes()' function

The first argument is the value to be looked upon in an array;

const arr = ['dogs', 'cats', 'snakes']

// false

// true

// false


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