Reasons why you shouldn't consider hosting on github pages

Github pages is a service for deployment of static websites normally software documentation and blogs

Github pages is available on all public github repositories and on premium accounts it extends to private repositories as well.

So what's not to like about it. hmmmm think about it.
that's too good to be true
It's not a secret that "the only free cheese is served on a mouse trap"

1. "Downtime due to maintenance"
Every now and then github pages websites undergo an annoying and imaginary maintenance that causes undesirable user experience especially for professional websites.

2. "Slow deployment"
I've been using github pages to host my static website with less than 10,000 pages deployment process knocked my entire site offline for 10 mins again that's unnecessary downtime sometimes it extended to days

3. "uninvited cloners"
So you put your site out there few days later 50 clones uninvited unwelcome and unnecessary

4. "Limited space"
Hit beyond 1GB of disk space usage and github will send you an e-mail asking you to slowdown. that's just annoying


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