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Snake monochrome (JS1024)

JS1024 is an annually held code golfing competition where you're basically required to create something creative in 1024 bytes or less of raw "JavaScript/HTML/WebGL"

I participated for JS1024 2020 competition with my First entry titled "Snake monochrome" Originally inspired by the old Nokia game going by the same name "Snake" which i used to play as far back as 2007-2008

Another entry making it Second is named "Tetris monochrome" i was compiled to do this game as a dare from my Girlfriend on June 6 the "Tetris 1984" anniversary

Third one is F1-racer it's inspired by my bestfriend who wasn't impressed with how i hooked up controls on "Tetris Monochrome" so he requested "i modify controls a bit", and i improved "input/output" by adding smooth touch input to it as requested

Snake game contains two entities. The Snake and the Apple, the Snake is an Object with properties position (vector), velocit…