How to draw clouds on HTML5 Canvas

So basically clouds are shapes with a flat bottom and 3 curves on top (two on the sides on bigger one on the middle)

As i was creating a JS13K Game i wondered around googling if i'd find something as simple as that and 'i couldn't find anything interesting

So i took some pictures of simple animated clouds and sketched it on my notepad trying to reverse engineer shapes in the figure

In my first attempt i discovered that "the base is something similar to css pills, so there's rectangular shape with roundish edges and a circle overlay on top". Putting that into vanilla JavaScript i resorted to creating two canvases

1. foreground layer
2. background layer

Clouds are drawn using a solid color formed by four shapes 3 circles and a rectangle then using some alpha the resultant image is then overlay-ed onto the primary canvas.

Here's an example

It's a sneaky way todraw clouds so they got to be a cleanway todo this without Jumping extra hoops

Last resort was to strike three arcs and join their bottoms using a straight line (without using a secondary canvas)

Here's an example


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